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The Best Cricket Bowling Machines Available!

If you’re looking to step your cricket practice up to professional standards, then you’ve come to the right place! Our cricket bowling machines are created with high quality materials, so you are guaranteed the very best cricket training equipment. Prepare to be bowled over by our wide range of cricket equipment, as we stock everything from Bola and Paceman machines, to cricket balls and battery kits. Add a cricket essential to your training kit with one of our incredible cricket bowling machines!

We have a wide variation of amazing cricket bowling machines to suit your needs and budgets. Our most affordable Paceman bowling machine is our powerful Pitch Attack cricket machine. Producing ferocious speeds of over 80kph, this machine will have you producing the perfect shot every time! Designed with an In-swing and Out-swing delivery function to simulate realistic ball delivery, which helps you prepare for anything that comes your way!


Next up is our Paceman Original S2 Bowling Machine, with its adjustable delivery lengths and variable speed settings, this cricket bowling machine is perfect for those who are looking to tailor their training sessions to their individual needs, or even for cricket coaches with large groups of varying ages and abilities. The Original provides an automatic 12 ball feeder, so you can stock the machine up with cricket balls and practice uninterrupted!


Strike down the opposition with our incredible Paceman Strike Bowling Machine! Cranking out whopping speeds of up to 100kph, you’ll be kept on your toes and ready for any ball delivery! It can be powered by mains or for a more portable option choose to add our battery kit for cricket training on the go. Ideal for taking your bowling machine to cricket practice for the whole team to enjoy!


Our Paceman Pro X2 Bowling Machine is the ultimate cricket training tool for your cricket practice sessions! Easy to set up in the back garden as well as down the nets, increase your batting average anywhere, anytime! With the Pro X2’s in-swing, out-swing, off spin and leg swing delivery functions, you’ll be top of your game come match day! Constructed from tough metal which is built to stand strong and proud throughout your batting practice sessions.


All our amazing Paceman bowling machines come with the option to add a battery kit as well as a 12 pack of cricket balls, so you waste no time in getting started. Choose to go portable with our optional battery kit, or plug it into the mains for endless hours of fun!


Get your young cricketer training like the pros with our BOLA Junior Bowling Machine. The Junior boasts its clever Selective Electronic Random Mode, which mixes between varying speeds and lengths to challenge your reactions and help to expect the unexpected. This cricket bowling machine works with a range of cricket balls, and works with tennis balls, which is ideal for your little batsman to ease themselves into those hard pitches. Our Junior Bowling Machine stands at a lightweight 8kg, meaning you can take it with you wherever you fancy practicing. With the 12V battery, you can operate your bowling machine for a huge 7 hours of fun! Take it to your friends house, to the park or even on family holidays, as long as mum and dad don’t mind!


Now introducing our top of the range cricket machine, The BOLA Professional Bowling Machine. Its impeccably high standards are why its picked by professionals, as it won’t be beaten on quality! Manufactured from strong metal materials to ensure class that makes you feel like you’re batting in the Ashes. Customise your package by choosing optional cricket balls, an auto feeder and battery packs, meaning you only pay for exactly what you want!


Why not add a 12 pack of our BOLA Bowling Machine Balls to complete your professional set up? These practice cricket balls are made with a polyurethane shell able to withstand countless shots from any heavy-handed batsman. Designed with a dimpled exterior to ensure you’re working with a realistic bounce. Available in 3oz or 5oz and in varying colours, depending on your personal needs and preferences. Combine these cricket balls with one of our BOLA bowling machines, and you’ll be on your way to being the next Joe Root!


We stock cricket equipment for all ages and abilities, including our Paceman Bowling Machine Balls for Juniors. This 6 pack of mixed balls is ideal for coaching a group of varying skill levels, or for solo players looking to perfect every type of shot. This handy pack of cricket balls includes 2 light balls, 2 LTD balls and 2 junior balls, so you can prepare for fast speed with low bounce and vice versa.


If you’re looking for the hard hit of a firm ball but with a little less risk factor, our 12 pack of Paceman Light Bowling Machine Balls are designed with a softer feel, ideal for those being introduced into the fast-paced world of cricket. These cricket balls are ideal for home practice or for down at the cricket club. Thanks to their versatile nature they’re great for juniors and seasoned pros.


Fill up your Paceman automatic ball feeder with our 12 pack of regular hard balls, to replicate genuine cricket balls to make your practice sessions feel like you’re really battling against the opposition! Made from quality material to ensure these cricket balls withstand numerous shots that come their way.


Our BOLA 12V Battery for our BOLA cricket bowling machines are available to purchase on their own, to add hours of portable fun to your batting practice! Incorporating the latest AGM and GEL technology, this battery can offer up to four hours of power, meaning your training sessions don’t need to ever be cut short again! An accompanying BOLA Battery Charger is also available separately, ensuring your battery can go full steam ahead!


With our vast range of exciting and affordable cricket bowling machines and accessories, we’re confident you will find your perfect match. From BOLA to Paceman, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our range of quality cricket bowling machines. Cricket training balls and battery kits are available to accompany your machine to complete your perfect training set up! For any budding batsman or professional cricketer Net World Sports are here for every step of your journey towards playing at Lords!